The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism has recently released a study looking at media coverage of the impact of technology's affect on society. The study, "When Technology Makes Headlines: The Media's Double Vision About the Digital Age," examined both positive and negative technology-related stories from mainstream sources over the course of the last year. 

According to the story, the most prevalent message was a positive one - that technology is making our lives more productive and "better." The other side of the coin was the negative implications of technology regarding privacy and child safety. 

The most reported storyline during the year regarding technology was about texting while driving, a definitely negative use of technology by consumers. This topic had more than five times the coverage given to US Broadband Access or Net Neutrality. 

Interestingly, while traditional media held a two-edged vision of technology, social media was decidedly positive in its coverage. It tended to focus on the positive aspects and opportunities provided by new digital technologies and products. 

This double vision is interesting in that, as traditional media seems equally interested in both the positive and negative aspects of technological impact on our society, social media concentrates on the positives of using technology to enhance our lives. Interesting, but perhaps not surprising.