Many companies that market primarily to other businesses are getting caught up in the social media frenzy, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Unlike consumer-focused companies, however, many of these businesses are finding it difficult to connect with their target market. 

One of the larger challenges is marketing via Facebook, a traditionally consumer-dominated gathering place. Finding "friends" in companies can be more difficult than getting individuals who love your brand to "like" you. 

That isn't stopping approximately one quarter of all B2B companies from launching social media campaigns, with another 36 percent saying they will try it in the next year, according to the article. 

One tactic has been to attempt to reach the individuals in charge of purchasing at target companies, instead of the companies themselves. This makes sense, as an individual-focused campaign should garner a better response on a social platform. 

Another method of gaining traction in this space is by continually updating company status, industry trends and topics of interest to the specific target community. Using social media to uncover business intelligence and getting customer feedback are also tactics used by B2B companies. 

As many companies venturing into this space will find, simply creating a profile on a social media site will not attract customers. This type of marketing will require constant feeding and attention, and should be integrated into other digital media and mainstream media PR campaigns.