Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 10

The Medium is the Message

McLuhan was ahead of his time (of course). Today there are more options than ever to bring messages to the public. Some believed that this proliferation of media avenues would make a PR pro's life easier. In fact, it is often quite the opposite.

Public relations people target certain media because of the audience they reach. For instance, radio and television are the best way to reach the general public, while industry journals and business magazines reach high-level executives.

It's our business to know media. One of the most persuasive reasons to use a public relations agency is because of its media contacts - the agency can deliver your message better than you could do it yourself.

In today's world, the term media includes many more outlets than before. Take Weblogs for example - online diaries that feature hyperlinks from across the Web. Although Weblogs - nicknamed "blogs" - might not necessarily be on your clients' radar screens, they are already beginning to garner vital readerships. So, by recognizing blogs as a new form of media, individuals who helm Weblogs could be considered viable media targets.

Today, in addition to other tools used to find journalists and editors who cover a certain industry, PR experts must also do a thorough web search to locate influential sites and online journals.

The advent of talk radio has introduced another new media category. Syndication of popular radio programs offers the opportunity to deliver a message to very large groups of people. Research into talk show hosts and topics can uncover valuable interview and guest opportunities that translate into important media coverage.

The next time you have a message that you want circulated, consider the audience and brainstorm over appropriate media - traditional and new - that would best reach that audience.