Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 1
Are you the expert?
Trylon Communications Staff

The one sure way to guarantee constant publicity and exposure is to become your local industry expert.  Establish yourself as an authority, offer opinions on industry trends and events, and soon the media will be beating a path to your door.

Well, maybe not beating a path, but when you call them they will start taking your call Ė and thatís a start, isnít it?

It never hurts to offer opinions to journalists on stories they have produced, an industry event, or a news story that may have been covered in another publication.  If you can present a good case and appear to have command of the issues at hand, the media will begin to recognize your authority. 

This may sound ridiculous, but know what you are talking about.  The tips we will give you in the following paragraphs are proven winning PR strategies, but they donít work if you just try to hype yourself.  You need to have a solid grounding on your industry and the issues you address, and you need to be able to articulate your position.

Inform local media professionals about breaking stories and trends in your industry.  Make sure that the information is newsworthy, even if it has nothing to do with your company, and be very selective - you do not want to become a pest.  Many journalists appreciate a good source of information and once you establish a track record with them you may find yourself mentioned occasionally.

You will know you are scoring points when you begin to receive calls from producers of television and radio news divisions asking for your take on an event.  Always be available and always be gracious.  If you get the chance to get on camera or before a microphone, make the most of it.  Be prepared, stay calm, and keep your focus on the issue at hand.  Listen to the questions asked of you and take your time to consider your answer. 

If you have never had the opportunity to speak in public before, donít wait until you are sitting in a television studio to get your feet wet.  Join a local Toastmasterís or other public speaking group and get used to standing in front of people and talking.  If you just canít do it, identify someone else in your company who can and make them the spokesperson. 

Every industry has its share of events and tradeshows.  Start talking to the people who produce those shows well in advance and offer to speak at the event.  These appearances will not only help develop your public speaking ability, they will enforce your authority as an industry expert.

It wonít be long and you will find opportunities opening up for you right and left.  Your company will enjoy more exposure, you will have added a tremendous ability to your resume, and your reputation in your industry will grow.  Now whatís keeping you from becoming an expert?