Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 1
MRM: Media Relations Management
Trylon Communications Staff

We have all heard of CRM – Customer Relationship Management.  The concept is to build rapport with your customers and develop a sense of trust.  As your relationship develops over time your customer will become your ally – and if you are very lucky, your evangelist.  Why not do the same for media?

When you think about how most marketers handle the media, you wonder why press releases get any attention at all. 

The first cardinal sin that is committed on a regular basis is trying to get a reporter to cover a “story” that is not even on their beat!  If I cover international politics, why would I want a press release from you about your new dog food?  Sending information to the wrong person is one of the quickest ways to get your information instantly deleted from incoming correspondence…forever.

The second mistake that is made over and over is sending out press releases for the sake of sending press releases.  Why go to the trouble?  Trying to manufacture a story out of nothing gets you no press and turns reporters and editors against you.  There is an art to finding relevant trends in the industry and finding news from your company that actually corresponds to the trends.  When you can do that, you have a story.  Make a release worth a reporter’s time.

Reporters and editors get sick and tired of hearing from marketing folks who only contact them when they want something.  When was the last time you picked up the phone and left a voicemail for a reporter on your media list telling them how much you enjoyed today’s article and why?  I’m not talking about kissing up; I am talking about taking an interest – creating a relationship.

Have you properly thanked a reporter or editor for covering a release you sent out?  Have you ever sent them an e-mail or called them about a newsworthy industry event that had nothing to do with your company?  Have you ever given them the slightest inkling that you care about something besides how they can make you look good?

OK, let’s talk MRM.  Let’s make a vow to be sure that our releases go to the right targets.  Let’s make sure the releases are worthwhile.  Let’s build a relationship with the influential journalists and media players in our industry and separate ourselves from the other 98% of the pests that hound them.  Let’s give a little quid pro quo.  And if we’re really lucky, we may just get an evangelist or two.